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Exiles Juniors Lose to London Blitz


The Exiles 2nd game in their National Title defence had them hosting the London Blitz at The Beaverwood Club, with both teams aware there is a return fixture in North London later in the year it was sure to be a hotly contested fixture.

The 1st quarter started as a fraught occasion with the game going back and forth around midfield with both offenses having 3 and out series, a real showcase of the defensive abilities of both teams with safety Gareth Norman getting his 2nd interception in as many games; and the Blitz secondary proving resilient to the passing attempts of Exile’s QB Joe Bennett meanwhile the Blitz run game was finding more success against the Exiles defence and it appeared to become a matter of when not if they would score.

Just before the end of the 1st quarter the Blitz scored to make it 6-0 as it remained for the rest of the 1st half. The Blitz showcased a unique tactic of permanently onside kicking which proved successful on one occasion and causing many hearts in mouths moments on the other occasions.

The Exile’s offence would have liked to gain more yards and the defence would have liked to create more turnovers most notably with failing to fall on a fumble and 2 possible interceptions bouncing off the hands Exiles’.

The 2nd half had the Exiles come out in good spirits and belief that they could turn the deficit round at first it seemed possible but then the rout began, with the defence being unable to slow the Blitz offence who racked up 3 quick TDs with 2 point conversions resulting in a 30-0 Blitz lead which all but ended the game when the Exiles lost their quarterback late in the 4th during a strip sack that turned into score leaving the game at 36-0.

The game was over and 3rd string QB and WR Callum O’Neill came in to finish the game. The Exiles fall to 1-1, with a hard road trip to the Birmingham Lions to follow who currently sit undefeated with the Blitz as one of their wins. The Exiles know winning all their remaining games will still win them the Under 19 Southern Division so everything is still firmly in their hands.

Match report by Daniel Raeburn


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